Here at Salisbury Power Equipmemt in Salisbury, NC, we carry trusted equipment from Husqvarna that you can find at any of our four locations, including Kannapolis, Lexington, and Denton. No matter how small or large your needs, you're sure to find it here!


240 Chainsaw 435 Chainsaw 440e Chainsaw 445 Chainsaw
T435 Chainsaw 450 Chainsaw 455 Rancher Chainsaw 460 Rancher Chainsaw
545 Autotune Chainsaw 543XP Chainsaw 550XP Chainsaw 555 Autotune Chainsaw
550XP Autotune Chainsaw 562XP Autotune Chainsaw 365 Chainsaw 570 Chainsaw
372XP Chainsaw 576XP Rancher Chainsaw 576XP Autotune Rancher Chainsaw 390XP Chainsaw
395XP Chainsaw

Zero Turns

RZ46i RZ4622 Z246 Z246i
Z254 Briggs Z254 Kohler Z254i Z242F
Z248F R220T MZ52LE Briggs MZ52LE Kawasaki
MZ52 Kohler MZ61 Briggs R322T AWD MA61 Kawasaki
M-ZT52 Briggs M-ZT61 Briggs M-ZT52 Kawasaki 22HP M-ZT61 Kawasaki 23HP
P-ZT60 Vanguard 26HP P-ZT60 Kawasaki 24.5HP PZ54 Kohler EFI 27HP PZ54 Kawasaki 24.5HP
PZ60 Kawasaki 25.5HP PZ72 Kawasaki 31HP PZ72 Kohler EFI 31HP